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Vaping CBD is one of several ways to incorporate the food supplement into your daily routine. Due to a variety of factors, it is proving to be one of the most popular and in-demand methods.

Simpleness of use Filling a vape pen and quick absorption into the bloodstream are just two of the reasons why orally ingesting CBD is preferred. And what better way to see if CBD is for you then with a CBD disposable vape pen?

In this review, we look at popular brand Darwin CBD Vape to see what flavours are available, how it differs from their 10ml CBD e-liquids, and whether it's the best CBD vape pen available.

What Darwin CBD Disposable Vape Flavours Are Available?

Darwin has created several different flavours to try from their disposable range, whether you're a CBD enthusiast or a newbie trying it for the first time. If you like to mix it up, they have a nice selection of candy flavoured infusions as well as your favourite beverage. Each bar is available in Broad Spectrum at 150mg, which is the lowest starting dosage. Try the Isolate range instead, which is slightly stronger at 300mg per 2ml of e-liquid. All are 70% PG for a stronger throat hit and 30% VG for a pleasant amount of cloud. Here are our top picks from the 12 available flavours:

1. Orange Soda

If you've ever had an orange Fanta drink, this smells eerily similar. It's a tangy and sweet addition to the Darwin collection that packs a punch as you begin your CBD journey.

2. Mixed Berries and Menthol

A carefully crafted blend of forest berry flavours and a cool menthol exhale in your 150mg or 300mg broad spectrum or isolate CBD is thoroughly enjoyable.

3. Sweet Strawberry

Look no further than the sweet strawberry flavoured disposable for a summer CBD vape. It's the ideal setup to get you started because you can vape right out of the pack with no charging required.

4. Bubblegum

When you want to feel nostalgic while experimenting with your CBD vape experience, try this sweet mix of flavours. It's ideal for those who enjoy sweets and want to experiment with CBD. If you've never tried before, it's always best to start with a lower dosage and gradually increase to the ideal amount. We only recommend using these vape pens once or twice a day.

5. Peppermint

If you want to switch things up and try a CBD vape that's less sweet and really brings out the natural CBD flavours, go for peppermint. When you discover this 600-puff disposable bar, it has a fresh taste and a pleasant aftertaste (all in the range hold this amount of vapour).

The Darwin CBD Disposable Vape Verdict

It's a welcome introduction to vaping. Ideal for those who simply want to try CBD and experience its full effects without breaking the bank. While not for everyone, a low-strength CBD vape like the Darwin disposable is so easy to pick up and puff on, as an auto-draw piece of kit with the 400mAh battery already installed. When you've finished the total number of puffs (roughly 600), you can safely dispose of them and enjoy another flavour. The full list of flavours, including cola cubes and fruit punch, can be found here. And, because they don't contain THC, they're a completely safe tested product that offers a glimpse into the rapidly emerging world of CBD for less than £8.

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How Are Darwin CBD Disposable Vape Distinct From 10ml CBD E-Liquids?

With disposables, everything is already set up for you in the kit. CBD e-liquids, on the other hand, give you more control over how much you put in the vape kit, but you have to buy the device, battery, and any other accessories, such as the tank, separately, rather than replacing the entire disposable.

How Much Vaping Should You Do Per Day?

We would only recommend a few puffs per day, with a maximum stated amount of 200 puffs or 70mg per 24 hours.

Is THC present in Darwin Disposable Vape?

In contrast to some CBD products that have not been verified or tested in a secure setting, Darwin Disposables contain no THC at all, eliminating the possibility of getting "high." It is entirely legal to purchase and use in the United Kingdom. In contrast to some CBD products that have not been verified or tested in a secure setting, Darwin Disposables contain no THC at all, eliminating the possibility of getting "high." It is entirely legal to purchase and use in the UK.

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Purchased one of these disposables recently, up to 700 puffs it says on the box….mine lasted 40 small hits then ran out! Opened it up…doesn’t even have a container to hold the supposed 2.3ml of CBD oil, only a small bit of foam which was pre soaked with said oil. Not supprised that it ran out so fast. Utter crap, buyer beware.

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