What Led Ireland to Quit Smoking Using Vapes?

In recent years, the issue of vaping has grown increasingly popular in Ireland. But, what led Ireland to this critical decision of substituting traditional tobacco products with vapes?

‘’Historic Year for Those Who Quit Smoking with Vapes’’

The Role of Public Health Bill 2019

The Irish Government's strategic move in November 2019 contributed significantly to Ireland's decisive change. Endorsement of the revised Public Health (Tobacco Products and Nicotine Inhaling Products) Bill played a crucial role in regulating the sale and marketing of vaping products. This was not only to limit these products' accessibility to minors but also to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the bill introduced stringent labelling requirements and advertising restrictions to promote responsible use of these products.

Flavoured Vapes and Quitting Smoking

The government refused to ban the vaping flavours, acknowledging the role they play in supporting individuals to quit smoking. Flavoured vapes are essential for quitting smoking as they help restore taste buds and sense of smell that get damaged due to smoking. But what makes them more effective?

Wide Range of Appealing Flavours

Offering a variety of appealing flavours discourages young individuals from falling into the grip of addictive tobacco products. It provides a more enjoyable alternative to smoking, thereby encouraging smokers to switch to a less harmful option.

In 2022, a survey revealed that 84% of vapers believed a flavours ban would create a black market for unregulated products. With 59% of these products sourced from abroad or online, the correlation between the availability of flavoured vapes and Ireland's quitting smoking habit is undeniable.

RedC Survey Of Vapers March 2022

Source: RedC Survey Of Vapers March 2022

Myth vs Reality: Vaping as a Gateway to Teen Smoking

A perpetual myth is that vaping is a gateway to teen smoking. However, a comprehensive study by University College London debunked this notion. The study included data on 37,105 participants aged 16-24 between January 2007 and December 2018. It ruled out previous research that suggested young vapers were prone to taking up smoking. Hence, shouldn't these critics stop hiding behind the smoke screen?

Source: E-cigarettes not a substantial gateway to smoking for young people


Credit should be given where it's due. By introducing a ban on selling vapes to minors, the Irish Government has ensured stricter regulations on vaping products while acknowledging its role in helping many quit smoking. Over 200,000 people in Ireland have quit smoking, thanks to vapes. This fact is supported by the Irish Government's own research Pre Budget Submission September, 2021, which shows 99% of vapers are ex or current smokers.

The real question now is - will other nations follow suit and recognise the potential benefits of vaping in pursuit of a smoke-free future?

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