Is Scotland Ready to Ban Disposable Vapes?

As of June 2023, tackling the environmental impact of disposable vapes was a significant concern, not just in Scotland but globally. Disposable vapes, also known as e-cigarettes or ecigs, consist of single-use devices that contain a battery and a cartridge of e-liquid, which is vaporized and inhaled by the user. 

The environmental issues associated with disposable vapes are primarily related to their production, use, and disposal.

  1. Waste Generation: Disposable vapes contribute to electronic waste (e-waste) when they are discarded. These devices often contain various components, including metals, plastics, and chemicals, making them difficult to recycle. Improper disposal can lead to environmental pollution and health risks.
Zero Waste Scotland Report
    1. Plastic Pollution: Many disposable vapes are made with plastic components, such as the outer shell and the cartridge. Improper disposal or littering can lead to plastic pollution, which has adverse effects on wildlife, ecosystems, and human health.

    ‘’Up to 26 million disposable vapes were consumed and thrown away in Scotland in the last year’’

    1. Chemical Contamination: The e-liquids used in disposable vapes contain nicotine, flavourings, and other chemicals. Improper disposal or leakage from discarded vapes can result in soil and water contamination, potentially impacting the environment and local communities.

    To address these environmental challenges, Scotland (and other jurisdictions) could implement or strengthen various measures:

    1. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): Encourage or mandate vape manufacturers to take responsibility for their products' end-of-life management. This could involve setting up collection and recycling programs for used vapes to ensure proper disposal and recycling of components.
    1. Bans or Restrictions: Consider implementing bans or restrictions on disposable vape products to reduce their prevalence and subsequent waste generation. This may push users toward more sustainable alternatives, such as refillable vape.
    1. Public Awareness Campaigns: Launch educational campaigns to raise awareness among the public about the environmental impact of disposable vapes and the proper methods for disposal and recycling.

    ‘’The environmental campaigner on a mission to ban disposable vapes’’

    1. Incentives for Eco-friendly vape products: Provide incentives or support for companies that produce more sustainable vape products, such as refillable or rechargeable options with recyclable materials.
    1. Recycling Infrastructure: Invest in recycling infrastructure to ensure that discarded vapes can be processed appropriately and their materials can be reclaimed or properly disposed of.

    Recycle vapes - find a local recycling point:

    Recycle Vapes - Find A Local Recycling Point

    1. Research and Development: Support research and development into eco-friendly materials and technologies for vape products to reduce their overall environmental footprint.

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