Vape Coil Technology: What You Need to Know

Vape coils are an essential part of electronic cigarettes, ecigs, and vape kits. They have a huge impact on the whole vaping experience, influencing vapour production, taste, and device function. Some of the world's leading vape manufacturers include Aspire Vape, Freemax, Geekvape, Innokin, Smok, Uwell, Vaporesso, and Voopoo. These manufacturers are known for their high-quality vape coils that are designed to cater to different vaping preferences. Each vape brands offers a wide range of coil options, including single coil, dual coil, and mesh coil variations, allowing vapers to customise their vaping experience based on their desired level of vapour production and flavour intensity.

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Here are some key points highlighting the importance of Vape Coils:

  1. Vapour Production: The vape coil is responsible for heating the e-liquid and turning it into vapor. The efficiency of the coil determines the amount of vapor produced during each puff. Users often look for larger clouds of vapour, which is achievable with well-designed sub ohm coils.

  2. Vape Flavour: coils contribute to the flavour profile of the e-liquid. A good coil can enhance the taste of the vape juice, allowing users to fully enjoy the various e-liquid flavours and nuances of their chosen juice.

  3. Vape Coil ResistanceVape coils come in various resistance levels, measured in ohm’s. Different resistances provide varying vaping experiences. Lower resistance coils (sub-ohm) tend to produce more vapour and warmer hits, while higher resistance coils are often used in mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices and provide a cooler, more restricted draw.

  4. Lifespan and Maintenance: Coils have a limited lifespan and need periodic replacement. The longevity of a coil depends on factors like vape wires, usage frequency, and maintenance. Regularly replacing coils is essential to maintain the best performance and avoid a burnt taste.

  5. Customisation: Some advanced vapers enjoy building their coils, allowing for customisation of the vaping experience to suit their preferences. Building coils involves using different wire materials and configurations to achieve specific results, such as adjusting vapour production, flavour intensity, and power requirements.

  6. Temperature Control: Advanced vape mod and devices often offer temperature control functionality. Specialised coils made from materials like stainless steel, nickel, or titanium enable users to set and maintain precise temperatures, preventing dry hits and ensuring consistent vaping experiences.

  7. Safety: Using the appropriate coil and understanding its specifications is crucial for safety. Using a coil that's not compatible with the device or pushing the coil beyond its recommended wattage range can lead to device malfunctions, potential battery issues, or even accidents.


In summary, vape coils are vital to the overall vaping experience. Choosing the right coil, maintaining it properly, and understanding how it affects the device's performance can greatly enhance the enjoyment and safety of vaping. It's essential for vapers to educate themselves about their devices and coils to have a satisfying and responsible vaping experience. By educating themselves about the different types of coils available, vapers can customise their vaping experience to suit their preferences. Additionally, understanding how to properly clean and replace coils can prolong their lifespan and ensure consistent performance.

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