The Ultimate Guide to Argus Pods Family and Argus Pod Cartridges

Voopoo, founded in 2017, has gained global recognition with its Drag products. As a high-tech enterprise, it offers four major product series: Argus, Drag, Vinci, and V series.

Voopoo, the premier open-system vape brand, has become the industry benchmark in Vape Mod markets. They consistently release innovative vapes, including Vape Mod Kits, Pod Vape and Pen vape, as well as vape tank platforms for MTL vape, RDL vape, and DTL vape. Voopoo has evolved into a vape brand that develops unrivalled open-system vapes and tank vape platforms across all categories.

ARGUS Pods Family's five high-quality vapes

Voopoo Argus Series Available In Five Vape Device  Argus Z, Argus Pod, Argus P1, Argus G, And Argus Pod SE

The "Voopoo Argus Pod Family" is officially presented with Argus G and Argus Pod SE, featuring compatible cartridges called Argus Pod Cartridge.

The Argus family comprises 5 devices: Argus Z, Argus Pod, Argus P1, Argus G, and Argus Pod SE.

  • The Argus P1 is a 2022 "Best Pod System" winner, offering an advanced vaping experience and futuristic mechanical style in a collection-oriented pod.
  • Argus Z and Argus Pod SE are entry-level devices offering high-end vaping experience at an affordable price, providing starter-friendly vaping options.
  • Argus Pod SE is a stylish MTL pod with advanced flavour, appearance, operational convenience, and cost-performance effectiveness.

    Voopoo Argus SE Pod Kit Gorgeous Appearance

    • Argus Pod and Argus G are advanced devices combining taste and appearance.
    • Argus G is Voopoo’s first rectangular stick-style pod, offering a smooth, all-around experience with a 1000mAh battery and 5W-25W setting for stable, delicious vape flavour.

    Voopoo Argus G Pod Kit Smooth Vape Flavour

      Get the Most Out of Voopoo Argus with Compatible Cartridges

      Voopoo Argus Pod Cartridge features a 4-hole air inlet, airflow buffer room, and silicone ring for smooth taste, airtightness, and heating vape wire efficiency. The invisible magnetic connection simplifies insertion and removal, while the ergonomic mouthpiece fits perfectly on lips, ensuring optimal vaping comfort.

      Compatibility between devices and cartridges benefits vapers

      Voopoo's five devices, Argus Z, Argus Pod SE, Argus Pod, Argus G, and Argus P1 with Voopoo Argus Replacement Pods, demonstrate successful market innovations and recognition.

      Anticipate VOOPOO product family growth and vape legend development.









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