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Are Elf Bars safe?

Elf Bars are as safe as any other type of vape kit and are constructed and tested to a high standard, provided you purchased a genuine item. These disposables simply differ from the conventional vape kits you may be used to seeing in that they come pre-assembled and ready to use.

Where are Elf Bars manufactured?

Elf Bars disposable devices are made and manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

What is the Elf Bar’s warranty?

Please be aware that you are responsible for paying the return shipping fees for any defective disposable that has been used and opened. We will be pleased to reimburse your shipping costs if your product is found to be dead upon delivery. Our Quality Control team will examine each item to confirm its DOA status and make sure it hasn't been used.

Do Elf Bars have any side effects?

Smokz Vape Store reports that neither vapers nor users of Elf Bar have experienced any severe symptoms to date. The most typical negative effects taken into account are vaping addiction, headache, nausea, and dry mouth or throat.

What should I do if my Elf Bar breaks?

Try inhaling with your finger over the air vent or airflow sensor or lightly blowing into the device's intake vents to clear them of any blockages if your disposable vape pen isn't functioning or heating properly.

How long do Elf Bars last?

An Elf bar will typically last 600 puffs. Accordingly, you can use it for up to 10 days before you need to discard it and purchase a new one. Even though this might be the average, various disposable vapes could have a different lifespan.

How do I clean Elf Bars?

Use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to wipe off inner and outer surfaces in hard-to-reach areas and for a deeper clean.

How do I know if my Elf Bar is genuine?

An EAN barcode and holographic label on the side of the packaging that denotes the validity of an Elf bar would be there. The holographic sticker on the Elf bar is pretty detailed if you look closely. ​​For each product, Elf Bar offers a security code. To make sure you bought authentic, legal goods, please enter the security code here.

What are the Elf Bar’s ingredients?

2-isopropyl-N,2,3-trimethyl-butyramide, Cinnamaldehyde, Furaneol, and Nicotine benzoate are all present. Citral, Neral, beta-Pinene, and dl-Limonene are present (racemic). An allergic reaction is possible. DANGER: Toxic if consumed.

What flavours do elf bars come in?

Full Elf Bar Flavours List click here.

Blue Razz Ice.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava.

Watermelon Bubblegum.

Watermelon Ice.

Mango Peach.

Blueberry Jam.


Pineapple coconut.

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All vapers, in our opinion, look for a disposable vape brand whose performance of the aforementioned attributes is unaffected by repeated usage. In light of this, the Elf Bar 600 vapes offer continuity, something only a few other disposable brands have. To sum up, the holy trinity of a superb disposable is intense flavour, ample vapour, and precise puff count, and Elf Bar delivers all three.


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