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How Much Time Does E-Liquid Have?

How long does e-liquid last before it spoils? is a frequently asked question. Can you vape stale liquid? Does e-liquid actually expire? Smokz Vape Store will address these concerns today and allay your fears that your expired e-liquid might be lethal.

What Is The Period Of E-Liquid?

Like food, e-liquids have best-before dates that let you know when the vape juice won't be as good. The ingredients utilised to determine the expiration date are.

Propylene Glycol (PG) has a shelf life of two years, whereas Vegetable Glycerin (VG) has a shelf life of four to six years. While flavours can persist for up to a year, preservatives like PG and VG make them last longer. E-liquids last two years since the shelf life of the PG determines the expiration date. All e-liquids, including Max VG, still include a negligible amount of PG, therefore this holds true for all of them.

The method used to create the e-liquid may also affect the date of expiration. It will last longer than one made in someone's garage, be better, and be safer if it was prepared in a science lab by qualified chemists.

How Should E-Liquids Be Stored?

E-liquid can continue to be used after it has been opened for up to two years as long as the bottle is stored properly and the top is snugly fastened. The best approach to ensure that the e-liquid lasts the whole two years is to keep it out of the sun and cold and dark, as sunlight can degrade the chemicals. It should be kept out of children's reach in a cabinet or on a shelf in an opaque container.

When An E-Liquid Has Expired, How Can You Tell?

The heavier components of an e-liquid may occasionally settle at the bottom of the bottle. Just shake them to combine them once more. If the e-liquid is not blended, it probably has expired, and you should discard it.

The smell can also indicate whether or not the e-liquid has gone bad. Like milk, e-liquid loses its flavour as it gets older. Throw away the e-liquid if it has a bad odour.

Can You Vape E-Liquid That Has Expired?

Like with other items, the expiration date on e-liquid is merely a suggestion for when to use the vape juice up. Vaping out-of-date e-liquid is neither risky nor harmful to your health.

The taste, smell, and colour of the e-juice may change as it ages, and the bottle may take on a tinted appearance. Additionally, the nicotine could evaporate, which is bad news for someone who used to smoke and needs their nicotine fix. You should probably throw it away if this happens.

What To Do With Expired E-Liquid?

There are numerous ways to dispose of e-liquid that has reached its expiration date. Without first diluting it sufficiently, do not pour it down a drain since the nicotine will wind up in the watershed. Pouring it into an appropriate absorbent medium, such as coffee grinds or cat litter is one approach to get rid of it. Since pests don't like nicotine, gardeners can mix the e-liquid with water and spray it over the plants as a pesticide.

You should now be aware of how long your e-liquid will last, enabling you to continue vaping without concern for its expiration or running out.

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