Gold Bar Disposable Vape Review

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  1. The Hyper Mesh Coil From Gold Bar Disposable Vape
  2. Salt Nicotine and Battery Power
  3. The Disposable Vape Flavour Extravaganza
  4. Conclusion

The disposable vape industry is a saturated market, with numerous brands vying for your attention. But how many really stand out from the crowd? If you're looking for a flavourful, long-lasting and easy-to-use device, allow us Smokz Vape Store to introduce you to the Gold Bar Vapor range.

Gold Bar Disposable Vape

The Hyper Mesh Coil From Gold Bar Disposable Vape

The beating heart of these devices is referred to as a ‘hyper mesh coil ’, a new technology that might incur different views from different users. I suspect this coil could have a resistance in the region of 1.2ohm, sounds intriguing, right?

Salt Nicotine and Battery Power

Gold Bar disposable vapes come in 20mg salt nicotine strength in TPD regulated zones and are powered by a whopping 500mAh integrated battery. 

This implies that you're likely to enjoy a staggering 600 puffs or thereabouts before it finally bows out. And when it does, do remember to recycle vapes responsibly (They've earned that courtesy!).

This nifty piece of tech is ready to vape as soon as it leaves the box, no long setup instructions or tedious maintenance required. As with most disposable vapes, auto draw is the order of the day - just inhale and have a go.

A single Blue LED on the base serves a dual utility; keeps you updated on battery status when you're taking a long drag and alerts you when it has finally breathed its last puff.

The Disposable Vape Flavour Extravaganza

Variety, they say, is the spice of life - and Gold Bar has taken this to heart. With an astonishing 22 different vape juice flavours on offer, one might actually feel like a kid in a candy store. These flavours are mostly fruity, adding that freshness to your vaping experience, with a crisp and chilling touch of ice interspersed. Intriguing, isn't it?


In conclusion, the Gold Bar disposable vapes certainly seem to have a golden touch - guaranteeing satisfaction from the first puff to the last. Their expansive flavour range, ease of use, and innovative technology, certainly put them in a position to stand out amidst competition. The question remains: "Are you ready for a golden vaping experience?"

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