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Uwell returns with the Nunchaku 2 Tank revolution

UWELL, a company of which many of us in the vaping community have hailed as the true pioneers of nailing the stock sub-ohm coil on its head are back, with their updated version of the Nunchaku tank, the Nunchaku 2.

Uwell Holds Strong

For the past half decade I have sworn by the quality of UWELL’s products. Their original crown is still considered to be one of the most revolutionary tanks that the industry has ever seen. At the time of release for the original crown many companies were experiencing numerous teething issues in perfecting reliable vertical coils. As an answer to this issue UWELL found a means to exist, they took a reverse approach to designing their debut tank. Instead of focusing on trivial details of what their tank would look like, they instead focused on making reliable coils that wouldn’t leak, had an ample amount of flavour and would guzzle through as much juice as you heart could desire! But unfortunately a trade off had to be made, functionality replaced form and by today’s standards the tank was rather ugly and quite bulky.

Uwell Nunchaku 2 Disruptive: Astounding Vaporizer

However, is this true of UWELL today and how does the Nunchaku 2 hold up against the rest? Upon inspection of the tank, I can’t help but note the small form factor of the tank immediately. After using my FreeMax M Pro Tank for the best part of two years now, I can finally sigh with relief at the thought of having a relatively more pocketable tank screwed on to my mod! Even with the bubble glass screwed on the tank the glass section doesn’t protrude enough to hinder my device’s ability to be laid flat when assembled and not in use.

For the purpose of this review I have been using the tank with the bubble glass section but I must comment that the standard TPD glass has a nice lightly frosted finish allowing for the user to clearly see their juice level and thankfully has no polymer parts, ensuring that the flavour remains clean and the tedious task of cleaning is kept simple. One of my biggest qualms about tanks is the excessive use of threads in their assembly, threads wear out easily, they occasionally cross thread, and they harbour dirt and debris over prolonged use.

Gratefully, UWELL have continued to use their innovative plug and play mechanism from their Crown 3 atomiser with this tank, allowing for coils to be securely pressed into place without the need of any screwing. As well as this, the top cap has been redesigned. It uses two notches of which are lined up with the corresponding indents on the tank to allow a simple quarter-turn motion to open the tank whenever you wish to top-up your E-Liquid.

I truly adore these two features and feel valued when I see the likes of UWELL listening to us (the end users). The overall finish of the tank is admirable too, my motto is ‘beauty in simplicity’, and this tank embodies this ethos. The tank is easy to assemble and disassemble as the bottom and top of the tank have a sufficient number of ridges to grip.

The overall finish of the tank is rather nice too. The two tone silver chrome finish of my Nunchaku 2 looks very luxurious, the tank is shiny but fortunately it’s not shiny to the point of becoming a fingerprint magnet that requires constant wiping.

Uwell Nunchaku 2 Tank Review - Smokz Vape Store

A Closer Look at Nunchaku 2 Coil Options

The star of any tank in my eyes are the coil options provided, if the coils are bad, the tank is rendered useless. So, how well do they perform? To cut the long story short, needless to say, both coils provided are nothing short of fantastic. The first coil I tried was the Stainless-Steel 316 option. At 50w I was more than pleased with the amount of vapour and flavour I was receiving. Out of curiosity I toyed with this coil using my mod’s TCR setting, little did I know UWELL specifically recommends this option as this specific coils means of use. With a TCR of 88 and a max wattage of 55w (the median of the recommended wattage rage) I have to say that my jaw has been dropped by the consistency I have witnessed while using the Nunchaku 2 with the provided 0.14Ω SS316 coil. I haven’t used temperature control in many years due to questionability of reliability but I firmly believe that tanks like this that are adequately equipped with TCR capable mods may be the saving grace for this feature, in concept temperature control sounds good, so to see it in an operational state is refreshing to say the least. As for the other coil, the 0.2 Ω FeCrAI option, I noticed no difference in performance whatsoever. At 52.5w I had no desire to bump up my wattage as I felt that I was receiving an immense amount of flavour and producing some nice dense clouds.

This is my first time trying a product from UWELL’s Nunchaku series and I must make comment on the sheer efficiency of both of these coils. Many ill informed vapers believe that wattage and flavour are synonymous but this tank really begs to differ with regard to this supposition. This tank doesn’t guzzle through juice as fast as other tanks do, it doesn’t need to, everything from the airflow design of the tank, the long chimney of honeycombed mesh in the coil to the relatively low recommend wattage have been specifically synergised to prioritise flavour first and foremost. Providing a rich full on flavour, with lots of character and depth, leaving your palate and tongue with a lingering taste of whatever juice you choose to run through it. Comparatively speaking, this tank is not cloud centric, in part it is due to this obsession of having a smooth flavourful vape. For any shisha smokers, I highly doubt you will be dissatisfied with the comparable amount of vapour the Nunchaku 2 produces. Though it may not be an absolute steam train of a performer, the creamy clouds it does produce are more than satisfactory.

Uwell truly coming through

Overall, I would rate this tank a solid 9.5/10. UWELL’s innovation has once again raised the bar, creating one of the most favourable tanks to date. If you are currently looking for a new tank I wouldn’t hesitate at all when recommending the Uwell Nunchaku 2 Tank, whether it be for flavour, size or the rate of juice consumption reasons. The only thing hindering this tank from scoring a ten is its inability to be used with glass dropper bottles. The membrane on the top fill gasket is only suited for use with chubby gorilla bottle style nibs and will not cater for use with glass pipettes. Having said this, it’s worth noting that glass bottles are becoming extremely rare with the likes of Nasty Juice, Element and Ruthless now opting for chubby gorilla bottles instead, paving the way for an almost standardised route. As of now, I have currently vaped 40ml of IVG’s Rainbow Lollipop and I am yet to see any decline of flavour from my current coil. Usually it would take me a week to polish off a 60ml bottle but with this tank that is not the case, I’m not vaping less, however my overall juice consumption has thankfully decreased. My mod has also benefited from my switch of tanks too, I now get two days of use compared to a full day as I was getting out of my dual 18650 mod prior.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope this helps better acquaint you with knowledge of the UWELL Nunchaku 2 and my experience with it. It really is a fantastic piece of kit for the casual vaper, flavour chaser or hobbyist.

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